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Chris Kohut

// drums, sound


 Playing for many years in Los Angeles, Chris  joined AMP over five years ago adding professional sheen with his jazz and funk background along with his prolific skills as an audio engineer. In the Shadows was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris.  Nicest, most considerate drummer with incredible ear award goes to Chris Kohut. 

Kat Hall

// bass, flute, backup vocals


Kat Hall is Angela Marie's harmonious vocal partner, Originally from New York, Kat Hall plays bass and flute and makes the world a better place each and every day teaching humans of all ages about the great outdoors. 

Angela Marie

// singer, songwriter, rhythm guitar


Angela Marie decided to focus on her original music since 2010 after years of predominately playing covers since the age of 13 from the midwest to the west coast.  Her songwriting is heavily influenced by world travels, the outdoors, love, and the mystery of daily life. She also very recently upped her game in photography. 

Kevin Jones

// lead guitar


 Seattle native, Kevin Jones, is the newest member of AMP bringing in his superior lead guitar skills playing dynamic solos with the spirit of the other hat he wears so well; Captain of the Sea. 

Angela Marie Project is all original. Their contagious high energy shows are somehow relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.  Known to their fans over the last decade as "AMP",  they always give a show full of life and gratitude to their audience.

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